Cultivate Good Taste

Cultivate good taste, train yourself  by thinking it, studying it and associating with the highest tastes among your peers. Train yourself to acquire a sense of what to say, do and how to dress in any social situation. Practise being polite and tactful in speech and show propriety and dignity in manners and conduct.  Others’ judgement is determined according to the customs of their culture  about  proper behaviour or beautiful art.  You must learn what is accepted as good taste in your present social situations because of the multi national business and social world we now live in.

This way you will eventually become known as a person whose judgement is trusted because you have such good taste in all situations. You will be  mentioned in conversation as having fashionable taste in choice of clothing and a delight to converse with or  talked about as a bore who dresses improperly and always says things to others in poor taste.

“The source of all good manners is a nice perception of , and kind consideration for, not only the rights, but the feelings of others.  The customs of society are adopted and observed to enable us to be more agreeable.  And nowhere is the distinction between gentleman and the boor more marked than at the table.”



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