Plan to Reach Your Goals

Are the goals you are setting your goals or are they goals others set for you? Did you make the plans to achieve success for yourself or did someone else tell you how to do it so you achieve success for them? Do you hesitate in getting things started, procrastinate about continuing, and eventually have neither interest nor desire to continue. Isn’t it time that you set your own goals?

To set goals that you will enjoy working towards focus your passions and start moving and stay moving on your road to success.

Determine what makes you happy or what you enjoy doing that is fun, not work, and that you could do forever as a hobby or as volunteer work.  What do others think you are an expert at? Figure out a way to organize your life around this passion or interest. This might have to be a part time activity until everything is in place to make it your main activity, family and paying your bills is a higher priority but work on a plan to make it yours. (My way, my style, my plan)

Set realistic goals because having a goal too high is absurd, you cannot fly to the sun, and too low is meaningless. Why bother if the results are not worth it.

Be specific about the problems you will have to overcome. How you define the problem will influence your response or the solution you choose. The more precise you can be in identifying the problems the more you can focus on the right solutions.

What are you trying to accomplish? What are the results needed and how are they determined? How do you achieve these results? What energy and resources are needed?

Set up the parameters to how you go about achieving success. How will you treat your clients and customers, the staff you will eventually hire, co workers or team mates? Determine your true values and principles. (Integrity must be #1))

Begin with small steps to see immediate results and then keep going. Focus your passion, start moving & stay moving on your road to success. Everyone has to take the first step if they want to get anywhere.


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