Leadership Characteristics

You are in a leadership place so lead. If everyone agrees with you then you’ve got a big problem because as a leader you are not leading. Winning popularity contests is not leadership; leadership is taking a position and directing others to follow.

Instill the will to win in others. You must have and display the will to win by your actions, tone of voice, appearance, your conduct towards others, facial expression, and the look in your eyes. You must stay cool and calm, not show fear or anxiety, disregard confusion and never show uncertainty about a positive outcome even in the most desperate and difficult situations. There is always one more thing you can do to influence any situation in your favour and after that one more thing, and after that one more thing.

Always ask yourself the following questions,”What should I not be doing and what should I be doing to influence the situation in my favour?

At the core of leadership is one single trait: belief in yourself and what you are doing. You must believe with all your heart in what you are trying to do. Be a person of absolute conviction, create a desire in others. Your personal ambition may motivate you but it is not going to motivate others to follow you. Do charitable actions. Help others to get ahead. Assist people, smile, be nice. Two things you can do. Either contaminate your working environment and people with bad attitude and actions or you can inspire confidence. Instead of offering negative attitudes offer hope in a better future.


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