Get Moving

The goal is not to react to an event, but to instigate the action. Take the initiative and get the ball rolling.

If we’re forced by circumstances to do actions because of others choices, then we are not in control of our own thoughts. If the boss says to you do this, you do it. You can confuse yourself by thinking,’I have to think to do it, or I am doing it my way, but the truth is, you are doing someone else’s work by methods taught to you by someone else. You are following a routine and all you do is remember the sequence of activity. Maybe it was HR or maybe they taught you how to do it in a three-week course, but you are following another’s method to success. Their success, their financial reward. You get the pay check, the taxes, and the bills. They get ownership, tax write-offs, and a lot of people making money for them.


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