Cultivate Good Taste 2

“A violation of the established rules of Convention cannot easily be defended, except when required by our obligations to the more strenuous requirements of duty. Usually, however, departures from conventional propriety evince simply an ill-regulated character. The Laws of Convention, like all wise laws, are instituted to promote “the greatest good of the greatest number.” They constitute a Code of Politeness and Propriety, adapted to the promotion of social convenience, varying somewhat with local circumstances, it may be, but everywhere substantially the same. It is common to talk of the eccentricities of genius, as though they are essential concomitants of genius itself. Nothing can be more unfounded and pernicious than this impression. The eccentricities that sometimes characterize the intellectually gifted, are but so many humiliating proofs of the imperfection of human nature, even when exhibiting its highest attributes. Hence the affectation of such peculiarities simply subjects one to ridicule, and, in many instances, to the contempt of sensible people.”

                                        A Gentleman’s Guide

Instead of fighting to get your style into the global economy, build upon what is proven and successful and slowly add your ideas until it works for you. This is why classic style remains the basic to build your style from and what is popular style.
        “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.” Bruce Lee

I know you remember that we are now encountering numerous differing classic styles as we enter a truly global environment and are daily introduced to cultural and national styles and what the correct way to act is. We all must truly get to understand and try to merge the best at what makes us each similar. It is always a waste of time to remember differences. Why do we want to remember what makes us different and hostile to each other. That would be like constantly finding fault in others Not too nice of you is it.


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