Be Blameless

Seven Sins to Live Without

Greed-Will put you in jail for taking a bribe or stealing other peoples money. Money or possessions can entice people to do a lot of things. Everyone seems to have a price.

Envy-Will cause you to feel inferior to another because you do not have what they have or look like they do. What do you care what someone else owns? They are not in your life, only you are in your life.

Wrath-Will make you delirious or otherwise out of control with anger or other destructive emotions or principles

Sloth-Uncleanliness, unhealthy habits, laziness

Lust-A passion that must be restrained, it will cause you to want to acquire or take by force

Gluttony-Eat only what is necessary not to starve, anymore will make you fat.

Pride-Thinking too much of yourself can cause others to dislike you and make you do things that are not in your best interest.


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