Psychological Defence Mechanisms

watch for them used by yourself and others


– This is when someone will deny that it happened, or that it happened to them, or that they did not actively participate in the event. This is common with the terminally ill  whose sickness they deny is happening, its severity, or that it is a non recoverable disease.


– An active will to repress the thoughts and memories of an event and deny any knowledge of it. They are repressing the memory or illness, thinking that if it is forgotten it will go away. This differs from denial because with denial the person denies knowledge of an action and repression is they are trying to forget it happened.


– Well, I did it because if I didn’t someone else would have or I did it because I felt like it. They rationalize by making excuses and never taking full responsibility for own actions or the results caused by those actions.


– I had or have nothing to do with it. It is your fault, or I will punch something because you made me angry. This is transferring the anger or transferring the blame as in scapegoating someone.


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