Know the problem.

        Don’t waste time finding a solution to a problem that does not exist or a solution for something that is not a problem.

        Maybe your problem is too big to be solved as one problem and should be broken into smaller more easily managed parts. Sometimes when this is done the problem becomes much less stressful and worrisome. The answer to solving it might just appear as if from nowhere and you will say to yourself, “ Why did I not think of that before.” When you worry you lose sight of the answer and concentrate only on the problem. Simply ask yourself, “What are the symptoms of the problem?” After we determine what they are we must ignore them for what they are, distractions, and instead concentrate our efforts on finding the underlying reasons for our problems. Everything has a cause and effect. Something happens and then there is a reaction. Search for and go after the real reasons for the problems facing you. This will prevent you from creating the best answer to the wrong problem.
        Define the problem in detail and do not become distracted by the symptoms or your own anger. For example a symptom might be that you are short of money, the problem is you are not making enough or are over spending.

        Keep your strength and sanity by not wasting it on trying to solve the problem with solutions that were a failure before or that you know are not achievable. If it is not attainable do not invest your time, energy, or limited resources. Sometimes what is gained by the action taken is not worth the results achieved. If it is not in your best interests do not act. Action need not always be taken, because sometimes doing nothing is all that can be done. Wisdom may determine that inaction is what returns the most benefits or costs the least.


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