How to be a Leader

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”  Winston Churchill

Courageous people get things done. Be free from self and keep your faith, beliefs, and opinions to yourself. Do not have your likes and dislikes on display. You must not copy what others are doing, or have/show favouritism. What is extremely important is that you have no biases regarding anything you may encounter, be it the tools of the trade, choices of habitat, or  the ways and means of operation.

Lead from the front. Example is leadership and a do as I do attitude will inspire others with your actions. Personal ambition may motivate you but it is not going to motivate anyone to follow you. You must be visible.

Push yourself to the limits everyday. Be hard on yourself, be very aggressive. The path of least resistance is the path of the loser. Show your staff, employees and those you are in charge of what you will do to succeed. Never let them think that they are doing all the work and you are just sitting in an office.

You are never paid for your methods or efforts. You are rewarded for results. You don’t always have to like what you have to do, but you do have to do it. Only one thing ever matters and that is getting the task/job finished.

The only rule is to win. No one celebrates a loser.

Never assume. Preparation is an absolutely critical element of leadership.Cover every possibility and anticipate every problem. Never assume smooth sailing or that there will be no or little resistance /friction.

Well trained, self reliant employees/staff are your greatest asset. The rest are just dumb SOB’s that are going to screw up and cause big problems. Reward success, punish failure, demand responsibility, and insist on results. Keep things simple.

Dress and act like a prince and you will be treated as one.

Don’t trust anyone until they earn that trust.


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