Security and Threat Analysis

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Threat analysis and all security work must answer three basic questions. What/who is the threat? Why is that a threat? How will that threat be recognized?
The answers to these questions will allow a security conscious person to find the threat, as well as,protect the potential target. Network security technicians are made aware of active viruses and malware, spyware and possible attempts at entering the system from an offsite device. Upper management knows about their competitors plans, actions and  plant/resource purchases. Important personages are protected from kidnapping and assassination attempts.
Professional security systems are goal focused.The rules of engagement must be getting the job done at any and all costs. There are no grey areas in keeping your life secure, only black and white, right and wrong. It is either a safe and secure Wi-fi network or no security at all. A private phone conversation or one recorded and enabled to play before a global audience. In extreme cases the right or wrong could be the extreme of a comfortable hotel room vs the discomfort of being a kidnap victim in a foreign country.
There is always someone watching and in this world guards or hotel employees are bribed, you photographed, your movement communicated and your places of rest become public knowledge.
When it seems no one knows what you have put in progress or where you are, this obscurity is still not protection. At the very best it is a temporary protection, but do not let your guard down, with modest effort your secrets will be discovered. As we all know ” you can run but you cannot hide.”


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