Strategy and Plans

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Demand success. Trophies, parades, and medals are not given to losers. Create the mindset in yourself to win .

The basis of all strategy and planning is winning. Strategy is what determines victory in the end. Operational management and tactics are means of achieving the ends determined by strategy. Identify the competition/opposition you are up against. Will they be a minor inconvenience or are they a serious threat to your success? The first need for the success of any strategy/plan is to decide what it is you have to counter or what obstacles have to be surmounted in order for your plans to be successful.

Study human behaviour, how the mind thinks, and how it turns those thoughts into sequences of actions.  Determine why people think as they do and why they act because of those thoughts.

Remember that every plan has a goal to reach so every action you take must have a definite aim to it. No energy or resources should be used if they are not being used to get you closer to reaching your goal.

If your team does not have the will/wish/drive to win it will fail.

Be proactive so you do not waste time/resources/energy on reacting to someone or something dictating the direction you go.

Keep your plans secret. Do not broadcast your intentions and you will have more time and freedom to move towards your goals. Always surprise the competition/opposition. This will help give you and your plans momentum.

Focus your efforts towards the goal. Do not become distracted with things  unimportant to your success. Be careful with your resources and yourself. You do not want to run out of money or burn yourself out. You must stay balanced and allow yourself to relax and recharge.

Do not become dogmatic. Remain flexible with the ability to adapt for unexpected and changing situations. “Make haste slowly, but leave nothing for tomorrow. Know how to wait. “ Art of Worldly Wisdom


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