How to be Creative

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...
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To be creative and stay creative do not listen to anybody. Do not talk about what you want to do, or what you are creating. People will tell you it can’t be done, that you are wasting your time, that it is a stupid idea. They will try to kill your dreams because most people are afraid of creative people. Creative people rock the boat, they make changes, they show others what can be accomplished. Just do it. Get creative and create. It will never be complete or anywhere even recognizable when you start. It will only be a start. As you continue it will change, added to, things taken away, you will find the original ideas expanded and developed.

Keep away from distractions. No phones, or drugs, or booze or television. An exception to this rule for me is to put on noise canceling headphones and turn up the music. The beat of the music seems to energize me. Lock yourself in a bare room or get out into a public place or go out on the balcony. I sometimes take my laptop to a local coffee shop, put on the headphones and start to write. Watching the different people coming and going and other activities gets me thinking. Go to a place where you will become imaginative. Let the ideas flow. Inspiration will come from the passion you have. Creativity is in the mind, the hands are the tools to develop the ideas, thoughts, and put them into physical form.

Keep a journal of your thoughts. A Moleskin notebook that will fit into a back pocket is great. I like the flip-up type. You will always have it with you to record new ideas so that you can remember them later. I have about a dozen of them which hold about five years of notes. Imagine how many ideas that has. The next time you are having a tea or coffee or walking the dog and an idea pops into your head start writing in the journal. Just write every thought that comes into your head. It might not make any sense now but later you will look at it and think of different ways to look at the things you recorded. It will help stimulate the creative juices.

Get plenty of rest. It is difficult to create when the brain is foggy from lack of sleep.


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