How to Handle Difficult People

  Oftentimes during the course of our day people confront us who annoy us. Sometimes this annoyance will lead us into an angry confrontation. This is not doing us any good. It raises blood pressure, we seem out of control, unstable, and do not leave our best impression on spectators. What can we do to prevent this from happening to us?
Learn to walk away. If you do not want an argument teach yourself to shut up and not verbally retaliate. It is not important to win a petty argument. By walking away and not angrily responding you keep your dignity, show you have self-control, and make the other person look rude, uncultured, and unsophisticated. You appear the winner and you did not have to take part in a fight.
  Think much, say little, and speak only when it improves the silence. If the other person is talking then by you not speaking it improves your silence. Respond to a fool and you will look like a fool or birds of a feather… You can fill in the rest.
  Do not start a fight and you will not have to finish one. When the other person starts one leave, do not lower yourself to that level by reciprocating. Do not take part. Walk away, breathe deeply and think positively. You do not have the time to waste with petty annoyances.


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