What Body Language Communicates

Body Language
(Photo credit: Glenn Loos-Austin)

Body language communicates subconsciously what we think or feel. We may verbally communicate a different message but what the audience hears is not always in sync with what they see. Eye contact, the angle we hold our head, crossed arms and legs all communicate a message.

When negotiating with equals dressing properly is a sign of power. Executives don’t wear ‘power ties’ without reason. They are using their body as a communicator and the clothing is the message.

How to use your body to show you express interest in another.

When in their company lean your body slightly toward the other person.

Position your body and face so that you face the other person directly and are not sitting at an angle from them.

Open body positions. Do not cross arms or legs.

Nod that you agree when they are talking.

Use moderate amounts of hand gestures and be animated to show interest.

Become as  physically close as socially possible to the other person.

Maintain good posture but have your body relax.

Touch the other’s arm or hand occasionally to start closeness.

Maintain proper eye contact.

Smile, always smile.

How your body language shows disinterest in another.

Indirect body orientations, sitting at angles or facing away from the person.

Do not start or maintain proper eye contact.

Don’t look at the other person when they are talking or when you are talking.

Frown and make other unpleasant facial expressions.

Do not become animated during the conversation and make yourself seem bored.

Cross your arms and legs and become defensive.

Do not relax the body, keep it rigid and tense.


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