How to Travel Light

Travel Clothes  – this can be carried in one carry on garment/suit bag

Travelling light means you do not have to stand in line to check luggage and do not have to wait after the flight lands to retrieve your luggage. It also prevents the inconvenience of your luggage from going missing.

Toiletry items can be purchased when you reach your destination. Most hotels supply soaps and shampoos, and a razor, toothbrush/toothpaste, and deodorant can be purchased in the hotel or a store close to the hotel.

Travel Clothes:

Sport coat & jeans to travel in with brown shoes and overcoat if needed

To pack:

Suits x 2, navy and black are most practical

Shirts x 8 ,white and light blue are the most versatile

Ties x 12, power ties are a focus of attention and will change your appearance , a dark suit and white shirt are innocuous and unobtrusive so a tie will stand out as the attention grabber

Shoes, dress shoes and gym shoes

Gym wear, under-wear, socks, & t-shirts

Socks and underwear, t-shirts can be washed in hotel sink and dried overnight and you have enough other clothing for a week before dry cleaning, laundering is necessary.

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2 thoughts on “How to Travel Light

    1. Twelve ties are for business people as I have experienced ties becoming soiled easily, plus that number allows changes to the appearance of the attire you wear. Twelve ties take very little space and can be rolled up and placed in shoes or jacket pockets and stuffed between items.


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