My Adventure Story

It began on a dark and cold Sunday morning, I remember it very well. It seems such a short time ago and I remember it clearly.
I awoke to the sudden sound of the door downstairs being opened slowly. The dog was alert at the bedroom door, looking through the gap between the wall and slightly open door, watching out toward the stairway landing. I got out of the bed as silently as I could quickly do it, my hearing attuned to the noise coming from downstairs. I rapidly pulled on the clothing  I had dropped to the floor before I had crawled into bed the night before. My senses sharpened I approached the bedroom doorway to also look out toward the entrance to my apartment. I signalled the dog to stay alert, quiet, and not move. We became a silent team waiting to see if the intruder continued to come up the stairs.

We heard a bit of heavy breathing, it sounded like someone trying to be silent but lifting something heavy. Was it only one person, did I hear more? What was it that was being lifted?

Red Door
Red Door (Photo credit: Knilram)

Did the intruder use a heavy device to gain entrance and was now moving it away from the open entranceway? I was more than a bit nervous, and quickly looked for the phone.  My pulse was up and the fog of sleep from mere seconds ago was gone. I saw the phone on the dresser, only a short distance, but could I reach it and dial a number in time?

The dog became very alert and growled. She ran towards the doorway and I moved after it in the same direction forgetting about dialling the emergency number, chasing the dog. We raced to confront the intruder.

Continued next week


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