The Story, Chapter One

The darkness dropped like a black cloth over the city. The day’s dark grey sky caused by heavy cloud cover might have been a contributing factor. I am not a meteorologist so I cannot say with any certainty why it happened. All I know is it became dark as quickly as a room at midnight when the lights are switched off.
Sitting on my balcony above the neighbouring houses I had noticed the effect of a bad economy and the high costs of electricity. Many people refrained from having lights turned on inside and outside. Only one or two lights could be seen illuminating the inside of many of the large Victorian era houses that lined the streets of my neighbourhood. In a few houses no lights were on at all, but the blueish light of televisions could be seen flickering. This is how my night started.
I lay in my bed in the darkened room listening to a heavy wind blowing. Occasionally I can hear something being blown along the road and I imagine the possibilities and probabilities of what it could be by the sounds as it moves along the asphalt.
The wind sounds like a distant train then gets louder and the bedroom window rattles from its force. Laying in bed staring at the line of light showing under my bedroom door I wonder if the giant tree out back will lose a branch or two and damage the vehicles parked below it.
A siren sounds in the distance as an ambulance races up the hill to the hospital.

In another section of the city.

“You don’t know me,” he spoke, then he raised his hand in the air and pointed one finger skyward. “Now asshole look down at your chest,” and the man looked down and saw the red pinpoint of light. Then the other slowly raised another finger and another pinpoint of red light appeared and another finger and another red dot.

“Those guys are highly trained and motivated killers able to stay out of sight and kill you easily at 800 meters,” he continued, “so now I want you to fuck off and don’t come around here again or you will die. Do you hear me? Do you understand what I am saying?”

Then he turned to the man next to him,
“This life ain’t so simple because no matter how hard I work it seems half-wits like this jerk off and people who talk too much always fuck up and make problems for me. What about you?”

The man replied, “ I know what you mean. These people are so dumb they probably need instructions on how to open a door.”
Then he continued speaking in a very confident voice,” By listening to people around here I have determined your strengths and weaknesses. I have also determined from these remarks that you are a smart man. Now considering that we are two smart men how can we make things easier for ourselves?”


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