On The Island Today

Hi How are you feeling today?

Weather is overcast on the island, not expecting any overhead clearance today. Warm but a damp, wet feeling if you are out walking.

Humidity when the sky is low is unbeatable here because the outside air is usually slightly misty as well.

Waterproof, wind proof, breathable clothing is a necessity in this type of climate. If you wear other types of clothing as outerwear then your bundled inner self, will steam up, and become as wet as the outside protective cover of the overcoat.

It is not actually cold here.

It is the windchill and the heat evaporating chill of wetness that you need protection from. Waterproof boots because there has not been enough  bright sunshine to draw all the moisture out of the ground and the grass is wet and water is in pools on roads and walkways, but you can sidestep these puddles and not walk on grass surfaces. So the waterproof boots are not an essential article of clothing. Jackets and pants and headgear are what is needed to remain comfortable while walking about in this wet  weather.



There is not much traffic up and down my road and if properly dressed it is quit pleasant to walkabout. Only the occasional person will be noticed and usually at a distance and walking in a different direction. A private time with little traffic of any kind to take away from the solitude of the walk. No distractions with the phone notifications turned off and only the occasional card driving within your viewing range. But you have to wear waterproof and windproof and breathable clothing.


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