Do Not Be Censorious

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There are people of gloomy character who regard everything as faulty, not from any evil motive but because it is their nature to. They condemn all-these for what they have done, those for what they will do. This indicates a nature worse than cruel, vile indeed. They accuse with such exaggeration that they make out of motes beams with which to poke out eyes. They are always taskmasters who could turn a paradise into a prison-if passion intervenes they drive matters to the extreme. A noble nature, on the contrary, always knows how to find an excuse for failings saying the intention was good, or it was only an error of oversight.


Maxim 109, page 92, The Art of Worldly Wisdom, B.Gracian, Shambhala, London, 1993 (originally written in 1637)



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