Gain Goodwill

For thus the first and highest cause foresees and furthers the greatest objects. By gaining the goodwill you gain people’s good opinion. Some trust so much to merit that they neglect grace, but wise men know that it is a long and stony road without a lift from favour. Goodwill facilitates and supplies everything. It supposes gifts or even supplies them, such as courage, zeal, knowledge, or even discretion; whereas it will not see defects because it does not search for them. It arises from some common interest, either material, as in disposition, nationality, family, race, occupation; or formal, which is of higher kind of communion, as in capacity, obligation, reputation, or merit. The whole difficulty is to gain goodwill-to keep it is easy. It has, however, to be sought for and when found to be  utilized. ”

Maxim 112, page 95, The Art of Worldly Wisdom, B.Gracian, Shambhala, London, 1993 (originally written in 1637)


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