friday 12:42pm

It has been a busy couple of days for me moving a couple pieces of new to me heavy antique sets of drawyers and a large shelf unit. This has inspired me to go a bit farther and rearrange a couple of rooms to make use of these pieces or try to fit them into place. It has given me a bit of needed excitement, except for the cleaning part, . Even that part of the physical effort is slightly eased by the thought that what ever is moved into that cleaned part of my apartment is a newly decorated and rearranged room for me.
As you read this article, how bored are you with where you live? A few large classic pieces of furniture can make a huge difference in how someone feels about their boring place of residence. Look around, you will never find that best deal in your life if you don’t search. Everything we do to get ahead is like the argument for participating in a lottery, “you have to play to win”.


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