How to Age Well

A man had been handcuffed, shackled and thrown into California’s Long Beach Harbour, where he was quickly fastened to a floating cable. The cable had been attached at the other end to 70 boats, bobbing up and down in the harbour, each carrying a single person. Battling strong winds and currents, the man then swam, towing all 70 boats (and passengers) behind him, traveling 1.5 miles to Queen’s Way Bridge. The man, Jack La Lanne, was celebrating his birthday. He had just turned 70 years old.

Latest medical research shows a correlation between activity and those who remain healthy into their 80’s and 90’s. Those that were couch potatoes during their lives showed decreased brain activity and reduced immune systems. Most were in wheel chairs, medicated, and in nursing homes if they lived past their 60’s.

Those that remained active all their lives were still productive into their 90’s. Frank Lloyd Wright was 90 when he designed some of his greatest work. Jack La Lanne could still do pushups in his 90’s.

Exercise increases brain power and improves the respiratory system so oxygen gets into the lungs, blood, and brain and builds up the immune system to fight disease and the effects of aging.


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