Being Fit-What Every Man or Woman Should Be Able to Do

What Every Man or Woman Should Be Able to Do

“Every man or woman should be able to save their own life. They should be able to swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save their life in case of emergency and necessity.”

* Be able to swim at least half a mile or more;
* Be able to run at top speed two hundred yards or more;
* Be able to jump over obstacles higher than your waist;
* Be in condition to pull your body upward by the strength of your arms, until your chin touches your hands, at least 15 to 20 times;
* Be able to dip between parallel bars or between two chairs at least 25 times or more.

‘If a man or woman can accomplish these things, she/he need have no fear concerning the safety of his life should they be forced into an emergency from which they alone may be able to save themselves.’

And be able to do the following to save another’s life.

* Be able to do continuous bodyweight squats (Hindu squats) for a minimum of 100 repetitions;
* Be able to carry another person of comparable weight up or down stairs with ease;
* Have a strong and flexible core that can handle quick movements without injury;
* Be able to tell your body what you want it to do and have it obey your command


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