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The first speech I gave outside Newfoundland was about Joey Smallwood. I gave it 50 years ago, and my reward was a broadcast address by Smallwood to all of Newfoundland telling me not to come home.

Since then, I’ve given a lot of talks — perhaps more than a thousand. Since my teens, I have been blathering; and, according to one book reviewer, show no sign of abating. She wrote, and I treasure it, “When Rex Murphy dies, they’ll have to kill his mouth with a stick.”

I’ve given talks to farmers, academics, A&W hamburger-restaurant franchisees (a nicer group of people I have not met), and civil servants at both the provincial and federal level. I spoke once about 15 or so years ago to the Canadian Federation of Municipalities (along with Jack Layton, as it happened) at a meeting in Alberta. We both had fun on the platform. Jack’s…

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