Say Nothing

Think before you speak.

Don’t say anything until you can improve silence. By doing this and waiting your chance you will appear wittily and smarter. The rest   already talked about everything and are  silent  for lack off things to talk about.

During this first round of group conversation the participants will tell of their lives, tell a story about a personal choice they have made, and attempt to become the last person to talk in a conversation. This thought and action, by the participants, will  become confrontational in nature and direction. This may stop the discussion by embarrassing one of the speakers, or close with angry words.

You will be able to control the conversation by initiating conversation among the participants and make decisions on the questions and the topics chosen to discuss

Think hard, say little and speak only when it improves the atmosphere in the room.

Talk clearly so you are  heard and use plain words so you are not misunderstood by the audience.


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