Get Yourself Noticed at Your Best

The number one rule of getting noticed is to get noticed.

You will have to get out and among the peoples of this world in order for you to get into the game. If you do not put yourself out amongst the public you will not become noticed. The very importance of this rule brings with it a a few difficulties that complicate getting a winning review. The choice of actions we take in dealing with these complications determines if we win, how we win, and why we win. It also determines how we are considered by everyone else because of the discussions we take part in, how we clothe, groom ourselves,  go about our daily activities and how it is judged in the realms of bad, mediocre, and great.

Everywhere there is a hierarchy of ranks. There will always be a leader of any group of people. So in order to become noticed and considered at your best is to be always alert and prepared to deal with any situation.

“A grain of boldness in everything. This is an important piece of prudence. You must moderate your opinion of others so that you may not think so high of them as to fear them.”         (page 157 #182, The Art of Worldly Wisdom)

Each person we meet in our trek towards our goals can be influenced by you in any direction you want them to be your words and actions.

Small actions accumulate to big results over time if the plan is in place and followed diligently daily until the end. Discussion beats argument. Discussion allows both sides to evenly and in detail discuss their opinion so that casual references to the faults of their decisions may be made in friendly peaceful suggestions instead of the hostile, loud, and aggressive methods of arguing.

The method to do this is with special communication skills that are artfully used to create your chance to become an influencer. Communication skill is the most important skill to begin your journey. Audio, video, online images and associations we belong to communicate who we are, what we stand for, and possible actions we will take to deal with obstacles or times of indecision.

If we are noticed we must be noticed in a positive way in order to get other people to help us in our endeavour to reach the top. We must get noticed by our charisma and natural leadership.
We have to appear that even if we don’t hold a high position we are more than capable of assuming it if need be.

We have to communicate success.


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