Practise Your Skills

Experience warns all that those who do not devote their spare hours everyday to a close study of their chosen profession have a very slender chance of reaching the great position they seek.

Don’t sit there and say you don’t have time or money. Those are simply obstacles to overcome. Use the time that you hang out with friends, watch television and videos or hang out on social networks. Use all your time productively. While waiting for a bus or standing in line at a store checkout to make notes in a small book or on your smart phone. Use this time to plan what you will do next, or what you will say on the next phone call or face to face meeting. Read an article to gain knowledge. Don’t stand like a dummy complaining about the waiting being a waste of time.  It is your time and you only have so much. 

Practice your chosen craft until you are too physically exhausted to continue. Master that skill so you become recognized as competent and an expert in something. Practice to acheive perfection. Too many have fallen into defeat  or failure because of neglected performance goals and a failure of effort on their part to improve themselves.


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