1st Draft of Manuscript Preface

My intent for writing this book is to teach the art of winning and the skills to create and maintain your personal brand or image. I am writing about you becoming a winner in every area of your life. At work or other social actions these rules of conduct, theories, concepts,and simple directions will make you stand out and become noticed as someone special to be promoted, hired, or pursued by the opposite sex.

The world only cares what it can get from you. Results matter. Everyone expects something from you, so be sure you can deliver. Under promise and exceed expectations in all areas of your life and you will become known as a person that goes beyond the ordinary. Go beyond your normal and overdress for all occasions. Always be available and prepared to perform whatever is asked of you. This makes it very important that you learn many skills. Learn to be courteous and optimistic to everyone you meet. Become charismatic. 

I have studied winners throughout history and grabbed the fundamentals of why and how they became recognized as winners. Many will argue that these heroes and sometimes infamous villains were in the right place and time and that it could never be repeated. Some superstitious people will say the sun and moon and Jupiter and Mars where in the right alignment or that because Saturn was in this position to the sun and stars and moon and because they were born in this month on this day they were guaranteed a much higher chance of success. But these ideas were never the reason for their success and usually not the reason for their downfall. These heroes before us became winners by using their brains first and resorting to brawn when needed.

The following pages are about putting the odds in your favour to lead to improved success in your life. It is not about ethics, or how to be a good partner or spouse or neighbour. It is about how you can win at whatever you attempt to do.

“Many dismiss the subject with the confident assertion that ‘leader’s are born not made’. Nonsense. Most of what leaders have that enables them to lead is learned.”       On Leadership, John W Gardner, The Free Press,1990

Winners are born then trained. Militaries the world over train their leaders to win so why not train yourself to win? As an individual learn and think like a leader, train to demand success from yourself and those placed under your leadership.

These words are about becoming a winner, to demand success, to learn how to have the mindset to attract success. This book is about creating a strategy and developing the mindset to attract success.

In every sport, life event or business activity there is always a winner or loser. Which side of that equation do you want to be on?


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