Top Ten List

This is a short list of rules or ideas that I am writing about. They are covered in greater length, depth, and detail in my soon to be published manuscript.

I have put them online so that they can be of use to the readers of my blog.

Comments welcome.

Demand Success- Be Prepared-Plan to Win

  1. Create Yourself-who are you and what do you want others to perceive you to be?
  2. First Impressions are the only ones that matter.
  3. Maintain that impression that you left on others.
  4. Respect Yourself be clean and polished with proper hygiene; have properly fitting clothing; eat healthy; stay away from booze and drugs; stay away from other’s drama.
  5. Create a Reputation-specialize and become an expert in something; be a doer and achieve results; no excuses, leave that to losers.
  6. Be Your Best; be prepared; be self confident and do not undersell or underestimate yourself; be emotionless in public;stand up for yourself; cultivate good taste.
  7. Respect Others- avoid conflict; be on time; never insult; create goodwill; do right not wrong; arguing is a hostile action; cut the crap; provide direction and encouragement.
  8. You need a strategy to get you on the right path and to give you a direction to go in.
  9. You need a plan of action to reach your goals.
  10. You need discipline and discretion to create and maintain your personal image so others will want to follow you and assist you in reaching your goals.

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