2nd Draft Preface

“For it is history, and history alone, which, without involving us in actual danger, will mature our judgement and prepare us to take right views, whatever may be the crisis or the posture of affairs.”The History of Polybius, book 1

“But it is always true that the world that is can best be understood by those conversant with the world that was”

Statecraft, page 1, Margaret Thatcher, Harper Collins, 2002 

This book is a compilation of the lessons of histories greatest leaders. It explains how their paths were very similar,but this is not a history book. It is a book about what it takes to be an absolute success.

This book includes steps so you can determine your strategies, create plans that will succeed and leadership characteristics and traits to direct you to win. Included are communication skills including social networking and group presentations, and creating and maintaining your personal brand and image. It also has chapters that include information to keep secrets secret to protect your strategy and plans. How to keep yourself secure at home and travelling.

Recognized leaders were of equal intelligence and capabilities as individuals and became historical figures by organizing or creating a smooth running organization tailored to the particular time and place of their existence. It was their brilliance at developing a design to command and control the resources of geographic and human wealth using the talent and culture of their particular territory that allowed them to become noticed. They all survived to become famous figures in history by controlling a difficult international diplomatic incident or winning great battles by using the same methods, principles, and mindset of the winners before them. They had practiced and trained their entire lives to win.

This is a life work of knowledge. I began by studying history and learning about the triggering of major events, the intricacies of leadership and being at the top. About plans, decisions, and getting results. I once heard a theory that you only need to know 10% more about a subject than the general public to become a leader or expert in that field or enterprise. In our knowledge economy that is now of more use and greater return in profit than ever before. We now have recognized intelligent people making money and becoming noticed like never before in history. Creativity and a cyber century have allowed true knowledge and professionalism to enter the free market and go global immediately. Those who can, do. 

My intent in writing this book is to teach the art of winning and the skills to create and maintain your personal brand or image. This book is about winning and how it was accomplished in the past and how leaders and winners are perceived to act, clothe themselves, and communicate in the 21st Century.

With this immediate spreading of information by those who know a little bit more about something, and the technology able to have anyone under surveillance twenty four hours a day, it has become most important that those at the top must be blame free. Even the clothing you wear or a fashion out of date can cause the mass media circus to utter derogatory remarks about a wearers intelligence and character.Your image and how to keep it determines whether or not you end up falling on your face . 

Those that we exalt to leadership roles, whether titled in profession, by birth, or just perceived as so by their peers have only gotten there by achieving something and giving something of value back. Most often this can be achieved by giving others courage and direction. All social groups tend to appoint a leader by merit and every social group has one. There is always a leader who can do it. A person that is the best or at least perceived as being the best. 

A major lesson of history and from what I learned about life is that you have to plan and follow through with actions. Without planning you will have no idea where you will end up. Even a trip to the corner store has a plan. You don’t just appear at the store, you must think about it, decide to go and plan the route and how you will get there. You have done it so often that your brain functions with out you even having to really think about it. Maybe if you live far away from your intended location you know the route from memory and could navigate there without imprudence except for having to remember some turn that is quicker than another route. But it has been plotted in the brain from so many travels to that place that you need not concentrate too hard in the planning of the trip. But in all major events in life and history it must be planned. The wedding arrangements, delivery of new furniture to a house, the yearly vacation, and billion dollar acquisitions of plant and property by merger or other forms of financial exchange all require plans. 

Plans require direction and that is established by what is termed strategy. You make a plan to achieve an action, to get something going to get an immediate result. You create a strategy of plans. You schedule your timing and actions towards winning. 

The world only cares what it can get from you. Results matter. 

I have studied winners throughout history and grabbed the fundamentals of why and how they became recognized as winners. Many will argue that these heroes and sometimes infamous villains were in the right place and time and that it could never be repeated. Some superstitious people will say the sun and moon and Jupiter and Mars were in the right alignment, or that because Saturn was in this position to the sun and stars and moon and because they were born in this month on this day there chances were guaranteed a much higher chance of success. But these ideas were never the reason for their success and usually not the reason for their downfall. These heroes before us became winners by using their brains first and resorting to brawn when needed.

The following pages are about putting the odds in your favour to lead to improved success in your life. It is not about ethics, or how to be a good partner or spouse or neighbour. It is about how you can win at whatever you attempt to do.

“Many dismiss the subject with the confident assertion that ‘leader’s are born not made’. Nonsense. Most of what leaders have that enables them to lead is learned.”

On Leadership, John W Gardner, The Free Press,1990

Winners are born then trained. Militaries the world over train their leaders to win so why not train yourself to win? As an individual learn and think like a leader, train to demand success from yourself and those placed under your leadership.

These words are about becoming a winner, to demand success, to learn how to have the mindset to attract success. This book is about creating a strategy and developing the mindset to attract success.

In every sport,life event or business activity there is always a winner or loser. 

   Which side of that equation do you want to be on?

“…but I employ you because I rely on your good sense, discretion, activity, and spirit,…” Excerpt from a letter written by Richard,Earl of Mornington,Governor General of India to his brother General Wellington, hero of Waterloo. 

Maintaining power means staying on top, being the leader or in the lead. From early human history to contemporary time there have always been leaders. Some stand out as world changing and some stand out as the one’s who ensured that others would be world changing. 

This book is about overcoming obstacles.

The main focus of this book winning, needs a solid foundation to rest upon and to be built upon. That foundation is you the reader.

“That the only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people.”

Whatever you do to reach the goals you set for yourself you will have to deal and associate with other people. How you do that will determine the level of your success and how long you can make that success last. 

Your strategy, your communication skills, your plans, how you present yourself all have other people as the main reason for becoming skillful at them. 


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